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My three goals for this term in JN 217 Feature writing
  1. Learning how to create a story with good sources through research and interviews. Whether it's human interaction or online research with reviews.
  2. Writing is one thing, but editing is another and I was able to do well with the basketball stories with help so I want to learn how to edit better when I go to work with the paper in the fall.
  3.  Interviewing I was able to do well there is always room for improvement though which is something I need. 
Personally I didn't do as well for myself, but I am the person to always help others out if they are struggling.  So in learning all of these tips I was able to do well enough.  When i was writing my basketball stories last term that is when I got better learning how to edit though made my previous stories and future stories better.  I have always been good at talking to people interviewing I just got better at not being nervous for speaking to them.  I still need to work on my researching because I don't like looking stuff up I would rather do an interview to get human interaction.  Doing all the player and coach interviews for every home game for basketball at Linn-Benton I got to know the players and become friends and also with the Profiles I got to know where they came from and how they started basketball.


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