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My three goals for this term in JN 217 Feature writing
Learning how to create a story with good sources through research and interviews. Whether it's human interaction or online research with reviews.Writing is one thing, but editing is another and I was able to do well with the basketball stories with help so I want to learn how to edit better when I go to work with the paper in the fall. Interviewing I was able to do well there is always room for improvement though which is something I need.  Personally I didn't do as well for myself, but I am the person to always help others out if they are struggling.  So in learning all of these tips I was able to do well enough.  When i was writing my basketball stories last term that is when I got better learning how to edit though made my previous stories and future stories better.  I have always been good at talking to people interviewing I just got better at not being nervous for speaking to them.  I still need to work on my research…

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Topic 1:

The best photo that I have taken would have been my Portraits of the baseball Co-Captains Spencer DesBiens and Caleb Smith.These Photos stood out because I was able to get really good lighting and with the shades being able clear faces.It reflects that I can be really good with a camera when I am in the field I love to be in. My photos skills have improved a lot considering that I have been able to help other students understand how their cameras work.

Topic 2:
Looking back on this term I have improved a lot with my skills as a photographer and a person dealing with the class I will be able to pass, but I wasn't able to get and A through the restrictions of life and and not being able to finish some of the assignments.  Also I wasn't able to contribute to the paper at all this term so I have made that a priority for next year I will contribute no matter what with the sports section.

Lynsey Addario Book Report

In the Lynsey Addario book "It's What I Do" I an able to relate to her sense of pursuing photojournalism in the war, because it is something she loves to take photos of.  The main reason is I love to take sport photos which is what I love, also she has to isolate her feelings from her subjects and the situation.  Addario is very unique when it comes to capturing the realistic moment with the faces of the subject and willing to get up close and capable of getting different angles. I wasn't able to learn any new techniques, but I was able to get better at capturing angles and getting closer with my photos, With my baseball photos I was able to get closer which allowed me catch the ball quicker. One of my favorite pieces of her work from her website is with all the Syrian refugees walking in a line through the dessert.  I selected this one because it's showing how many people are trying to leave, but knowing they won't be able to, or waiting for a long time.  Th…

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Self Portrait

Spencer Desbiens/ Caleb SmithClaim to fame: They are the team Co-CaptainsOutdoors on a sunny dayBaseball bat, players, glovesContact through coach, email, or text Self Critique

My best photo would have to be the close up of the basketball player getting ready to take a jump shot even though the lighting in the gym sucks.My worst photo would have to be my week one photos because the lighting in the gym sucks and I didn't have the right lens with my camera for sports.The skill that I need to improve on is trying to expand the type of subjects I take instead of just one type like basketball.  Improving the quality of my photos will have to adjusting the focus to lineup the dot with the subject.

Baseball Action Photos


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Topic 1:

I am going to photograph my hometown of Albany Oregon.  I have lived here for 21 years and I know a lot of people and I know my way around town.Portrait: person working at a shop or store  Landmark:  Something Compelling  Activity:  People playing a sport of some kindThe photo of the portrait is going to be the most difficult because I have to talk to someone and get permission to take a photo of them. Topic 2: Who? Boy Scout What? They are working on their Eagle Scout project.Where? At the project site and at the location of where the troop meets.When? The days of the project and troop meeting nights.Why? I chose this person because I grew up doing Boy Scouts and I am an Eagle Scout also it is my old Troop. I would go at documenting the project. the person who is doing the project, which troop they came from and why they chose this Eagle project.

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Tip 1: The most difficult part in taking photos is when the frisbee is coming towards you and getting the depth right so everything is in focus. Tip 2: Also when you are shooting the action shot always make sure you get their faces and names. Using the right aperture to make that I get the singular subject, or the surrounding area in focus to get the full explanation of the photo.  Also when it comes to names get to know the players by going to practices so they don't think you are creepy so you can also interview them. Topic 2:   Baseball Team practice Outside on the Baseball Field Overall:  Players on the field warming up Medium: Players practicing at batClose up: Catcher at the mound receiving the ball